Methods in the History and Theory of Architecture

Doctoral Seminar (064-0014-19)
Organizer: Doctoral Programme
Lecturers: Prof. Dr. Ita Heinze-Greenberg
Time: Thursdays 15.00–17.00
Location: HIL E 29.2


21.2.2019 Intro and Overview
Hannah Arendt: "Truth and Politics", 1968 [1961] 

7.3.2019 École des Annales
Paul Valéry: "Man and the Sea Shell", 1977 [1937] 
Fernand Braudel: "The Situation of History in 1950", 1980 [1969] 

14.3.2019 Poststructuralism / ANT
Michel Foucault: "Of Other Spaces", 1984 [1967] (en) 
Michel Foucault: "Die Heterotopien", 2005 [1966] (de) 
Michel Foucault: "Les Hétérotopies", 1966 (fr) 
Bruno Latour / Albena Yaneva: "'Give me a Gun and I Will Make All Buildings Move': An ANT’s View of Architecture", 2008 

28.3.2019 Towers
Roland Barthes: "The Eiffel Tower", 1979 [1964] (en) 
Roland Barthes: "La Tour Eiffel", 1989 [1964] (fr) 
Rem Koolhaas: "The Double Life of Utopia: The Skyscraper", 1978 (en) 
Paul Virilio: "Das irreale Monument", 1979 (de) 

4.4.2019 Describing Architecture – Application of Different Approaches
Each participant of the seminar is asked to present a short description of a house/building by applying a method of her/his choice: formalism, iconology, gender study, phenomenology, ANT

2.5.2019 Research Plan
Individual presentations; guest critic: Erik Wegerhoff

09.05. Research Plan
Individual presentations; guest critic: to be announced

10.4. or 17.4. or 15.5.2019 !! WEDNESDAY !! Field trip to the Werner Oechslin Library, Einsiedeln

22.5.2019 !! WEDNESDAY !! Workshop "The Architecture of Research" with Sarah Nichols and Davide Spina
Timeframe: 8.00–12.30

28.5.2019 Doctoral Crits
Guest critic: Mari Hvattum, Oslo School of Architecture and Design
Ákos Moravánszky, em. ETH Zurich

5.6.–7.6.2019 Core Topics
Details to be announced

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How to build a research plan