Research Methods in the History and Theory of Architecture

Doctoral Seminar (064-0013-20)
Organizer: Doctoral Program
Lecturers: Dr. Irina Davidovici
Time: HS20, Thursdays, 13.45–15.30
Location: ONLINE (Meeting ID: 957 8635 1778)


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Course description
The seminar course prepares the doctoral students for their Research Plan submission at the end of their first year. The weekly seminar will frame group discussions on a variety of topics, group presentations, and preparatory exercises. Students are encouraged to consider the course readings not only in terms of their content, but also as illustrations of formatting, structuring and argumentation methods, that can serve as research models.

There are four types of seminar classes. Toolkit classes focus on the individual components of the Research Plan: abstract, hypothesis, literature survey, research structure etc. Method classes cover research strategies and disciplinary traditions relevant for doctoral studies in the history and theory of architecture. Theory seminars focus on specific intellectual traditions and their comparison. The in-seminar Review sessions, leading up to the formal end-of-semester Doctoral Reviews with external guests, comprise work-in-progress presentations and peer-review appraisals.

Aims and Objectives
The two-semester course in the first year of the doctoral program in the history and theory of architecture has a twofold objective: First, method sessions on central approaches in the history and theory of architecture provide a methodological basis for the doctorate at the Institute gta. Secondly, in toolkit and review sessions, the doctoral students get support for their individual research projects and guidance for the production of the Research Plan they have to present at the end of the first year.


WEEK 1 (October 1 2020) Introductory Overview

WEEK 2 (October 8 2020) Theory: The Production of Culture

WEEK 3 (October 14 2020) Library BAU-BIB introductory tour (online and in person, 16.00-17.00) more info in Programme 
WEEK 3 (October 15 2020) Corpus: The Library and the Archive

WEEK 4 (October 29 2020) Corpus: Artefacts in Time

WEEK 5 (November 05 2020) Toolkit 1: Annotated Bibliography and Literature Review
Guest lecture and discussion with Nitin Bathla: ‘Designing Research: Finding a method in the madness’

WEEK 6 (November 12 2020) Corpus: Artefacts in Society

WEEK 7 (November 19 2020) Toolkit 2: Referencing: Text and Footnotes
  • Anthony Grafton, ‘The footnote. A Curious History’ (excerpts) Intro  and Epilogue 
  • Exercise : Reconstituting text from subtext