Doctoral Project
Juraj Neidhardt’s Urban Research as the Production of Architectural Knowledge: On Finding and Losing Urbanism in the Early Socialist Yugoslavia

Doctoral Project
Mejrema Zatrić
Prof. Dr. Laurent Stalder
Since 2013

No sooner had urbanism been defined as a discipline within the Modern Movement than it entered a crisis, becoming subject to worldwide scrutiny. In post-World-War-II Socialist Yugoslavia, this played itself out as the institutionalisation of interventionist considerations of urban scale, not only as an answer to unprecedented urban growth but also a part of the campaign of founding a revolutionary socialist society. Modernist architects Dušan Grabrijan and Juraj Neidhardt contributed to this effort by pioneering ethnographic urban research, presented in 1957 in the book Architecture of Bosnia and the Way to the Contemporary that focused on revealing the unwritten urban principles of the oriental historic core of Sarajevo as a basis for socialist Bosnian architecture. This thesis investigates Neidhardt’s contribution to the book as an attempt to anchor urbanism within an architectural culture against the background of the increasing technocratic institutionalisation of urban planning.


Mejrema Zatric